Rich content case studies straight from EyA Evolve, our global think tank

Creation of digital twins of horses is easy with EyA and our template modelling solution

Digital Twins in Horses and Dynamic Template Binding

Technical Level: Intermidiate

This paper discusses one particular case study, namely a horse, but encompasses not only the horse's digital twin, but a whole super set of data connections

Girl is upset with mobile phone in her hand after suffering from cyber bullying

Combatting Cyber Bullying, Grooming and Trolling with EyA

Technical Level: Intermidiate

Cyber bullying, trolling and horrific attempts of grooming children online has grown at a prolific rate over the years on social media platforms. It is not only celebrities and politicians being attacked, but literally anybody using a social platform

Supply Chain Management

EyA Plug & Play Technology - Enterprise 1 - Technological Debt 0

Technical Level: Intermidiate

Whether using ERP systems and trying to integrate with small to medium business financial or lifecycle solutions, an enterprise should not be in a position where they risk financial or security losses, but instead should be able to connect to anything, anywhere and at any time.

Data privacy for analytics is key to EyA

Realising the Potential of Data Whilst Preserving Privacy with EyA and Conclave from R3

Technical Level: Intermidiate

There are vast gaps in data spanning industries and gathering into a high quality data lake for analysis is extremely costly and often mistakes lead to incorrect data intelligence


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