EyA Incubator

Incubator Programme

In early 2021 Universal Asset Sciences, the owner of EyA launched EyA Incubator to provide key support, advice and services to startups developing on our platform. Our entire ecosystem has been opened up already to a number of startups and even those who are traversing their current technology to our stack.

We believe that there are many amazing ideas waiting to be driven through to success and in order to fulfil, we are growing our internal team and also external mentors to help the whole way through from concept to mature product. It is our belief that a strong partnership is key to the success of both our partners and EyA as a whole.

Gateway to Resources

Our incubator team are growing resources daily and are dedicated to attached themselves to our partners within the programme and empower them with everything required. The programme is maturing to also provide workshops, roundtables and direct one to one sessions with our internal experts across all aspects of a technology company

Along with this, we are working to provide key benefits from suppliers to help reduce the expenditure of a typical startup, when cash at hand is key to ensure successful development in the early stages, pre series A.

Preparation for investment is also provided by our financial experts with years of experience in sitting on both the venture provider and the business with the ask.


EyA Incubator is open to those companies from concept through to Series A completion. Each company needs to produce a high quality concept and base their solution on evidence based research. For those companies with a proof of concept, they will need to demonstrate why their product will be more suited for migration to the EyA platform.

Become a Mentor

Being part of the journey of an early stage company can be both exhilarating and rewarding when the gratification of hard work turns an idea into a successful business. We welcome external mentors to join with us to help build the next generation of technology companies solving real world problems of both now and into the future.

As a mentor, you will get to share your experience and expertise to support these early-stage partners along their product journey. We are looking for mentors who are industry SMEs, functional experts, former founders and investors. In return, you will be eligible to work with them and even take on roles directly within them without any return to us.

Realise your Dream

If you are that founder with an amazing idea for a product to help solve problems and have the evidence behind it, we are here to help you right now. Come and join our incubator programme and realise the true potential of both you and your product with a helping hand from our experts.

It simply is time to realise your dream - right now…

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