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EyA are delighted to announce the official appointment of Jon Mann as our Executive Chairman.

Jon has been a extremely important part of the EyA family for the last six months, but it was time for him to take the reigns through the chairmanship of Every Asset Limited, the creator of EyA.


A replay attack happens when an attacker sits in the middle of a supposedly secure communication, intercepting the traffic and then resending the communication later, often to conduct financial fraud. An attacker could fool the victim into completing a transaction to them rather than the originator, for example.


Steven Jupp, founder of Every Asset Limited, said:“The spyware tools were linked to a hacking group called Turla by Kaspersky, who are a known Russian hacking group. Turla is “thought” to be linked to the Russian domestic security service, the Federal Security Service (FSB).” “However, we must remember that hackers move in groups and even though there are known overlaps, this could be a member or members of Turla moving to another group and taking the codebase with them.” “To state over 1,000 engineers were involved is rather like plucking a number out of the air, but there would certainly need to be a large number of actors involved to orchestrate the sheer level and efficiency of the attack.”


As part of the continued current growth of senior management at Universal Asset Sciences, along with extending our own global reach, we are delighted to welcome aboard Nicholas Blomfield.

Nicholas has joined our executive team as General Counsel. Nicholas will focus on all legal matters including overseeing all business transactions and agreements as well as ensuring good and proper corporate governance.

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