Powerful words from industry leaders and our round table teams combine to present the very best technology can offer us both now and into the future

Steven Jupp

CEO - EyA Global

Interim CEO - EyA Americas Inc.

Jon Mann

Executive Chairman

Advisor - Financial Services Sector

Kathleen Alcorn

President and COO - EyA Americas Inc.

Advisor - Crypto and Regulatory

Nicholas Blomfield

General Counsel - EyA Global

Daniel Cunder

Chief Technology Officer - EyA Global

Advisor - Humanitarian Sector

Roland Stahlear

Advisor - Automotive Sector

Tirath Virdee

Advisor - Data Democratisation

& Artificial Intelligence

Pedro Roseiro

Chief Operations Officer - EyA Global

Advisor - Smart Cities

EyA Explained

EyA Envision: moving at warp-speed to the final frontier of data intelligence

Technical Level: Intermidiate

Imagine a Data Exchange Platform where Data Lenders and Data Borrowers are brought together to exchange data.  Where any Data Lender or Data Borrower is able to participate, whether an individual, a small business or a large enterprise

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EyA Explained

Decentralized / Centralized - What Does This Mean?

Technical Level: Intermidiate

We are way past the era where businesses could work together by punching holes in their firewalls and allowing 3rd party access to part of their system(s). Data breaches from both outside and inside organizations are increasing, leading to more restrictive policies.

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Employing Agtech and AI at each stage of the crop production lifecycle

Technical Level: Intermidiate

Employing Agtech and AI at each stage of the crop production lifecycle, the benefits are clear but how best we store and are able use the data and outputs for analysis?

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EyA Explained

EyA The Data Interchange, Bridging Legacy and Modern Information Systems with Ease

Technical Level: Intermidiate

Whether using ERP systems and trying to integrate with small to medium business financial or lifecycle solutions, an enterprise should not be in a position where they risk financial or security losses, but instead should be able to connect to anything, anywhere and at any time.

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