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EyA Envision: moving at warp-speed to the final frontier of data intelligence

Imagine a Data Exchange Platform where Data Lenders and Data Borrowers are brought together to exchange data.  Where any Data Lender or Data Borrower is able to participate, whether an individual, a small business or a large enterprise

Technical Level: Intermidiate

Many challenges, many unsuccessful attempts at solutions

Business leaders are looking for ways to cross-pollinate true, holistic insights, unconstrained by current industry-sector, single-organisation, division, function or team data silos. 

Technologies have in some ways exacerbated this, constrained by a focus on data capture and following arbitrary workflows and adherence to regulatory and audit requirements.  Less focus has been on facilitating business insights — that is: how do you get meaningful insights from all that captured data.  Until now. 

Data aggregators and technology intermediaries attempt to offer this, but the costs and skills to acquire datasets,to merge datasets, to analyse datasets and to generate insights can be prohibitive. 

What’s more, small-to-medium sized enterprises wish to participate in contributing to a rich tapestry of business intelligence, but are shut out right now.  Larger players have typically participated as they are able to overcome these cost barriers. 

Even the organisations who have successfully managed to curate data-lakes still grapple with the dual challenges of managing data privacy and the data literacy required to derive valuable intelligence from data.

Delivering more than the promise of data intelligence

Now imagine a Data Exchange Platform where Data Lenders and Data Borrowers are brought together to exchange data.  Where any Data Lender or Data Borrower is able to participate, whether an individual, a small enterprise or a large enterprise.  Where Data Borrowers are able to access data intelligence that has been cross-pollinated from the plethora of participating Data Lenders.  Where Data Lenders are equitably compensated for their participation.  Where participation is with the express consent of the Data Lenders.  Where all analytical methods applied to data are subject to the highest levels of security.

You’ve imagined EyA Envision, the Data Exchange Platform which uses R3 Conclave and runs pre-defined and pre-agreed AI algorithms on secure enclaves, the results of which are then returned to the Data Borrower — results only, no identifiable data is returned as outputs of the analyses generated by algorithms.   Powered by the security of R3 Conclave and Intel Software Guard Extensions — Intel SGX — technologies, the EyA Envision Data Exchange Platform extends participation to individuals and to smaller enterprises, leaving no data source uncovered and accelerating the move towards the final frontier of data intelligence.

EyA Envision provides full business privacy ensuring that no sensitive information is leaked.  Identifiable data cannot be seen, or intercepted by any party, even by the market-maker.  Al algorithms enforce the pre-set and pre-agreed compliance controls without revealing trading data to the market-maker.

The R3 Corda technology acts as distributed ledger between Data Lenders and Data Borrowers, enabling the sharing of data in real-time and in an immutable way.  Built for the needs of highly regulated institutions, R3 Corda is the latest-generation blockchain that delivers privacy, scalability, and security.

EyA Envision uses R3 Conclave and Intel SGX technology to allow matching of Data Lender to Data Borrower without exchanging sensitive data and achieving full GDPR compliance.

A clarion call to all participants, a nexus to join disparate data dots

Data Lenders and Data Borrowers access the EyA Envision Data Exchange Platform using an online portal.  The Platform filters and matches Data Borrowers to Data Lenders based on preferences that each has set within the portal.  

Data Lenders lend data to EyA Envision, by connecting their digital systems to EyA Envision using simple APIs — so no changes to front, middle or back office systems. Data does not even need to leave the organisation, but instead be analysed in situ.

Data is held and AI algorithms — pre-agreed, pre-determined — are applied to data in secure enclaves.

Data Borrowers are alerted to datasets that they have expressed interest in.  Data Borrowers purchase analyses on those datasets at market-defined prices.  No individual or organisational identifiable data is shared with Data Borrowers: business and individual privacy is preserved at all times.

Data Borrowers receive their analyses via the portal and may choose to download analyses to their own systems. 

Data Lenders are notified on the purchase of their data and receive payment for the purchase at the market-defined price. 

Looking at one specific market, in health and life sciences, hospital digital systems and individuals are able to contribute data to EyA Envision from electronic medical records.  This data is analysed in secure enclaves against observational study protocols that have been submitted either directly by biotech or pharmaceutical organisations  — or, on their behalf, by contract research organisations CROs.  

The PharmCo gets better quality data and access to data sources — and patient cohorts — previously undiscovered that better informs medical research and treatment development.  Hospitals and individuals receive equitable compensation for their data contributions.  The real value of such cross-pollination is that discoveries are also made outside of the parameters that science and medical research sets.  Data privacy is preserved throughout.  Humanity wins.

EyA Envision offers the highest levels of security, interoperability, frictionless trade, scalability, and energy-sustainability

EyA Technology Stack With R3 Conclave

  1. AWS Cloud — the cloud hosting provision for EyA Envision

  2. Conclave + Intel SGX — the architecture enabling the operation of secure enclaves, where pre-agreed AI algorithms are applied to datasets

  3. Corda Enterprise Blockchain — the latest generation distributed-ledger-technology from R3

  4. EyA Rest API — the chill lounge for the technology after a hard day at the office

  5. EyA Authentication Server — your name’s not on the list, you’re not getting in

  6. ISV APIs — the connectors between external digital systems and EyA Envision

  7. ISV applications — the digital systems that Data Lenders use for their business operations

  8. EyA Envision Portal — the user interface through which Data Lenders and Data Borrowers access the Data Exchange Platform

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