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EyA is an ongoing development of that which we consider the worlds most powerful centralised / decentralised platform for the development of everything which needs to be centralised or decentralised, but to also be able to switch a given state or support data of any given state. We call it the CeDeOS as we consider EyA to be a future operating system of application fabrics and the final frontier in the convergence of real world problem solving solutions.

We are the worlds first to expose technology way above the ledger itself, simply stating that the ledger is the universal hard drive underpinning our operating system. In fact, as you will learn, we have developed an organically linking relational database hybrid within a ledger based database.

Our offerings to technology companies are vast, including the ability to reap reward from various revenue models, whether it be full blown applications, exposing intelligent API’s in our store, to embracing our technology in hardware to provide IoT to your own clients. Rich pickings are available too for consultants, systems integrators and value added resellers. EyA literally is the pick and mix of revenue models to drive your profits exponentially as you grow.


Using EyA, you can accelerate the development of anything and reduce capital outlay to reach PoC, MVP or your fully polished product. Utilising ISV exposed API’s from within our API store, you are able to embrace some of the best technologies, all pre-developed and ready to empower your product too.

Corda DLTConclave Confidential ComputingEyA Stacked Technologies

Corda DLT

An intrinsic part of the overall EyA structure, Corda is distributed amongst organisations to ensure privacy centric adoption of the EyA platform. The public facing nodes of Corda expose the data marked as public within an asset; for example product name, manufacturer and medical data sheet found in all pharmaceuticals.


Independent Software Vendors, developing applications for the future generations of technology

Take your company to a whole new level, developing applications and mobile apps to integrate with EyA cloud, the largest asset data solution in the world

Realise your ideas and inject technology into every global problem through acceleration

ISV partners gain access to our world of highly integrated solutions based on our cloud platform, and powerful templated semantics of every entity possible


Use our API guides, case studies, sandbox development environments and guided assistance to develop your software

When you register as an ISV partner, you gain immediate access to help you develop your software solutions for the next generation of global business. We have developed a vast infrastructure of connected API’s, providing you with the ability to use the framework for rapid application development. You can also utilise other companies exposed API’s directly within our API store and not have to worry about developing yet another technology equivalent.

Documentation, example application code and security design provide for an easy to follow step by step programme for your team to embrace. Our open framework also allows for easy connection from your current applications and solutions including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and many other enterprise solutions.


Original Equipment Manufacturers, delivering the future of connected automation

By connecting your equipment to EyA, your company can be ahead of the IoT curve and empower the next generation of automation

Enhance your equipment, drive enablement, lead the future

OEM partner companies gain access to rich sources of information, tools to help develop connectivity and online CRM to engage and succeed with your clients


Use our API guides, case studies and guided assistance to develop your products

When you register as an OEM partner, you gain immediate access to help you develop your products for the next generation of automated equipment and tools to help embrace the Internet of Things.

Whether you have a marking laser, router, packaging system or any other automation solution, you can engage with EyA services to increase functionality of your products and deliver the next generation of equipment to your clients, along with driving new client uptake. Embracing IoT is as easy as connecting to our API’s and pressing go!

Systems Integrators


Extend your solutions and embrace the latest breakthroughs in technologies to empower your clients

Registering as a systems integrator or consultant provides you with a vast set of tools to unleash downstream to your current and new clients. As our ISV and OEM partners develop new solutions, you can provide these directly to reduce technological debt, increase efficiency and improve legacy applications.

You can also earn recurring revenue through reselling of cloud nodes to your clients, so no longer is there a need to install and complete. Our competitive commission programme provides you with the ability to grow an entire new arm of your business and earn through our self billing service.

Connect with our experts and a growing community of like-minded OEM’s and ISV’s

You are not alone in your new journey of connect automation. Our teams of experts are waiting to help you and guide during your product development, along with regular open forums, webinars and community hosted meet-ups.

To help you embrace and develop with connected assets and template technologies, we have and continue to develop the most powerful semantics based templating technology in the world. Utilise this and build your own templates, or connect to templates which your client use to prepare for embedding your solutions into EyA cloud.

Enhance your Profile

Prepare, tune and engage with your new client base through our partner locator tools

Use guidelines to increase the power of your company profile and once ready, go public in our partner locator, delivering new clients to your business from our global websites and communities.

As you tune your profile to your targeted skills and business sectors, your profile becomes a powerful public facing sales pipeline generator. And of course, you can glean sales and technical support from our technologists to assist your journey from the very start.

Certify and Excel

With employee training and certification your company increases levels, providing more sales

We are passionate about our partners success and provide a number of learning resources, community hosted events and recorded webinars. Exams can be taken by you and your employees to increase your company’s profile and climb the ladder to platinum partner status.

With each increase in status, your company can gain further resources and direct access to technical sales staff of EyA to assist you in completing your sales. Resellers gain higher revenue per sale when sitting at the higher tier statuses too.

Join our Program

It’s time to change the way you do business and time to embrace the worlds most powerful CeDeOS. Join our program and unleash your potential to change the world.

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