Steven Jupp

CEO - EyA Global

Interim CEO - EyA Americas Inc.

About Steven Jupp

I’m highly regarded as a very successful entrepreneur, with a high-profile portfolio of businesses and investments, now founding partner of High Impact Office - see below . A software developer and logical (cyber) security expert since the early 1980’s, began my software career with Sinclair microcomputers and progressed to developing on the C64 and Amiga platforms, specialising in code optimisation.

Upon completing my degree, I specialised in mechatronics, mainly industrial CO2 lasers. I developed an algorithm for CAD to NC controllers, increasing efficiency of both the processing and the optimisation of the cutting process. This was ported to many CAD systems and NC controllers. I demonstrated an approved attack of a manufacturing corporation, where I exploited security within the network and was able to gain complete control of all plant.

During my many years in technology and manufacturing, I developed the ability to fix problems and businesses with technology, seeing many of them boost efficiency, develop better models and grow beyond their competition. I invested in various businesses I mentored and when taking semi-retirement, was able to diversify my portfolio.

I surrounded myself with world leading experts in business, communications, and subject matter experts in those sectors entering my portfolio. We are a small team of leaders, with one purpose - to create the next global leading brands and launch them for the good of our planet. We find the very best people to take over the companies post bootstrapping and work with them to deliver true world leaders.

It is good to make a success financially, but in our lifetime alone, this can only be measured ephemerally. I engage in charitable, humanitarian and environmentally impacting charities and organisations. Also I am working with schools currently within the UK to help children and parents of all backgrounds to realise their dreams in technology and science.

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