EyA Expansion Continues with Formation of EyA Americas Inc.


As part of the EyA Global expansion strategy, Universal Asset Sciences Ltd., our parent company, has endorsed the formation of EyA Americas Inc.  The formation aligns with the group’s wish of ensuring people, companies and government within each EyA geographical territory are able to benefit from the growth, through localised jobs, partnerships and taxes within the community.

The group has adopted a corporate structure which is designed to facilitate both a centralised control, but also providing a vast amount of localised control of the company.  We believe that this will provide a more flat and open structure, allowing each EyA territory to control themselves and develop as a whole within the entire group of companies.

EyA Americas Inc., has now been incorporated in Delaware, USA and Kathleen Alcorn is leading as President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Americas.

Kathleen said ‘EyA’s leadership and advisory team is global, and representative of the most thoughtful approach in ethics. Having worked with many start-ups in the past, recognising the positive and unique approach along with the ethical vision of EyA Global was immediate. EyA Global’s team  represents a myriad of subject matter expertise and continued success in developing and defining industries, resources, and products that millions utilise every day. 

Decentralised data analytics and its uses are endless in streamlining production and quality of services and products. EyA Global is the only entity that I have seen that is offering viable solutions to all case uses, while also balancing data privacy and intelligence. This is due to its foundations built upon by world renowned developers who understand the importance of integrating other emerging technologies to provide the best and most adaptable and secure scope of services. 

EyA Global’s products and services are robust and applicable to every industry around the world. To be asked to represent EyA Global as COO and President of EyA Americas, is an enormous honor. I am proud to be a part of EyA in its growth and leadership. I look forward to working with and building partnerships throughout the Americas, providing fully customisable services for your specialised industry needs. At EyA Global and EyA Americas, we are the future, and we look forward to being a part of yours. ‘

Jon Mann, Chairman of EyA Global adds ‘we are very pleased to have formed EyA Americas Inc. as another important addition to the EyA global platform. Indeed we are fortunate that Kathleen has accepted the role as President and COO of our U.S. arm.  Each week we continue to see ever more challenges around simply trying to keep up with technological advances in the data and asset registry space and what business leaders ‘are meant’ to be doing to best position themselves. With the introduction and development around Web 3.0 and guesses whenever this version will arrive, EyA remain at the forefront of helping with a seamless transition for everybody, into the discovery of the digital world’

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