EyA Global Joins Microsoft Venture Program for Start-ups, at Growth Phase


EyA has successfully applied and been accepted into the venture program, Microsoft for Start-ups.  Along with this, EyA was awarded the program level of “Growth”, which indicates Microsoft considers EyA  is ready for market growth with the maturity of the software application and infrastructure. 

Although most of EyA’s infrastructure is based within the Amazon AWS cloud, strategic planning has lead the company to distribute its infrastructure across the two cloud providers. EyA Envision, Eya’s data analytics and federated machine learning solution based on Conclave from R3 is being developed within the Azure cloud. 

Envision and Conclave utilise the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) hardware technology, which is exposed within the Microsoft Azure cloud.  In using Conclave, EyA have been able to rapidly accelerate the adoption of Intel SGX, driving down the development cost and time to market. 

EyA aims to migrate further within the Microsoft Venture program, to “Scale” within the next quarter of 2022. 

Jon Mann, EyA’s Chairman comments, ‘we are delighted EyA has been accepted into Microsoft’s Venture Program. This program is offered to companies with great ideas, looking to tackle real problems with technological driven solutions in today’s world. This endorsement encourages us all at EyA that we remain on the right track to make a real difference to all and every sector.’

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