EyA V1 Public Release


After three years of heavy development and three internal versions, our cloud is now fully live and already sixteen ISV's are developing their MVP and production releases too. All backend services and NOC / SOC are up and running, and we are ready for business. Full enterprise automatic scaling of infrastructure has been tested and deployed in our production environment and is working like a dream Now onto the next version, which will be the ultimate in dlt / blockchain technologies.

Corda Selection

Corda, albeit was originally developed for the financial sector provides a robust enterprise grade DLT, rather than blockchain. Energy efficiency is extremely good and real time notary based ledger entries remove the need for both PoW and Proof of Stake (PoS). However, EyA was to be developed to not only provide P2P transactions, but also distribution of public marked data and files across the public side of the EyA cloud.

The flexibility of Corda with a great deal of development on top of it has meant that the decision was made to use Corda as the layer 1 platform and develop the Operating System of EyA on top of it.

Future Proofing Energy Use

EyA has developed the governance committee to not only ensure fit and proper business execution and privacy for all users, but to also continue to monitor and keep the initial founders commitment toward not making a negative impact on the climate a reality. The EyA board will work alongside the committee and technology / cloud providers to locate the greenest data centres when scaling globally and provide yearly reports of cloud energy use both overall and per transaction. 

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